Pools to Fit Your Lifestyle and Budget

Handel’s Pool Service will help you design and build the pool of your dreams. A pool will add to the enjoyment of your home and increase it's value. We work within your budget to transform your backyard into your own private oasis.

Design & Construction Process

Design & Planning

We will survey your space then, using photographs of completed projects for reference, we will discuss the design of the pool. Perhaps you imagine a simple freeform pool to relax in, or one with a more modern and linear design, or a pool for serious lap swimming. We want to understand your lifestyle, how you entertain family and friends, then explore options that fit your budget.

We will draw up a plan for your pool and mark it out for you, so you can see what it will look like in the intended space. We will have you sign off on the final plan before we begin the next phase: Excavation.

Pool blueprint
Laying out the pool and marking the area
Bobcat dgging the pool
Excavating the pool


This is it, time to start digging the hole that will become your pool!

We will have staked out and marked the area prior to the commencement of excavation. It is important that you don't touch or move the markers for your pool, because these will guide the diggers.

We ask that in advance of digging, you consult with your HOA to determine if you need advanced approval from any HOA committees. This is important to avoid any unnecessary delays or complications, as the inspector from your city may require HOA approval in writing before conducting their inspection.

After excavation you will have a large and deep hole in your yard so it's important to keep small children away to prevent accidents.

We typically use rubber-tired "Bobcats", and may have to remove gates or sections of walls for the digging equipment to access the area. These will be repaired and restored once construction is completed. The tires of the Bobcats may damage some of the grass and you may want to remove favorite plants or shrubs for replanting once the project is completed.

One-week prior to excavation we will saturate the pool area with water to make the digging easier. We will turn off and disable sprinkler zones in this area. These actions will reduce damage to existing landscape, reduce dust and improve the conditions for construction.

The excavation phase takes a week.

Steel Skeleton, Rebar

Our crew will install steel reinforcing bars, commonly known as "rebar," to create a skeleton for the pool shell. This skeleton provides structural strength for your pool, reinforcing the concrete that will be applied at a later phase. Installation of the steel skeleton typically takes one to two days.

Bobcat dgging the pool
Excavating the pool
Installing plumbing for the spa
Plumbing for the pool


During the plumbing phase, we will install the plumbing and gas lines. While installing the gas lines for the heater it may be necessary to turn off your house gas supply. We will re-light your pilots if you are home. If not, the plumber will leave a note on your door. It’s still a good idea to check your hot water when you know the plumber has been around.

This is also a good time for you to call the gas company to check your meter size to accommodate your pool heater. They will want to know the size of your heater. This information is on your contract and you can always call us for the information you need.

Plumbing is completed in one to two days.

Electrical Installation

Our crew will install underground conduits, pipes for the wiring from your electric panel to the equipment fixtures and controls. The wire is typically pulled through the conduit at a later time. This process takes one to two days.

Eelectical conduit for the pool


A very important phase in your pool construction project. We will arrange for an inspector from your city to visit your pool construction site. The city inspector will inspect the plumbing and electrical work and provide sign-off. With the inspection signed off, we will move to the next phase which is application of the gunite concrete lining.

Equipment for the gunite
Applying the gunite to the pool
Pool after the gunite has been completed

Concrete Liner, Gunite

Via spray and by hand our team will apply the gunite, the concrete that is your pool's lining. The sand truck will drop his load in the street, and other equipment will arrive to mix and shoot the gunite into the prepared pool.

Given our desert climate, we don't want the gunite to dry too quickly and prefer to slow down it's curing. We will ask you to start watering the day after gunite is poured; watering morning and evening, then continuing for ten days with a good soaking two or three times per day – depending on how hot the weather is.


The range of tile on the market is enormous and there is something to fit every taste and budget. The selection of tile will take place early in the planning project. This will help insure that the tile has been ordered and will be on hand for the tiling phase.

Tiling the pool
Completed tilie
Pumping in the pebble finish
Smoothing and contouring the pebble finish
Completed pebble finish

Plaster and Pebble Finish

Plastering and Pebble finish are an art form and our craftsmen are artisans in every sense of the word. The Plaster or Pebble finish is mixed and pumped into the pool. Our craftsmen work with the wet material while wearing “platform” shoes with spikes, then as the plaster hardens, they graduate to sponges taped to their shoes.

They work with the material, troweling and smoothing into place until they achieve a perfect surface. If you have selected pebble finish, you will notice that the pebble emerges from the wet material as they stroke and work it in place.

The plaster or pebble finish will be left to cure for one to several days. They will then return for a final clean-up and If you’ve chosen pebble, the material is acid washed. They will start filling the pool before they leave. It will take approximately 15-24 hours to fill.

Pool Start-up

We will start up the pool equipment and train you in its operation as soon as the pool is filled.

We usually run the pumps for the first 24 hours or until the water clears up.

We will remove all debris, excess excavated earth and clean-up your yard.


You are now the proud owner of a new Handel pool!

We encourage you to maintain it properly, whether you do it yourself or hire a reputable pool service. Handel's Pool Service offers regular scheduled pool service for once-weekly, or twice-weekly maintenance. Please call us at 760.427.9422 to learn more.

Pumping in the pebble finish

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